Clash of Wizards [Demo] Clash of Wizards [Demo] Patagonica Game Studio
Игроков: 330
Подписчиков: 17

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indiexpo Interviews (Уровень 3) 2017-04-20
6 Questions for... Matias Vazquez
YouTube Gameplay
Lord Lard (Уровень 3) 2016-12-19
Downloading it ^^
Mosul (Уровень 8) 2016-12-16
big uptades! good work!
GInTheShell94 (Уровень 8) 2016-12-03
iamhere (Уровень 13) 2016-12-02
how many guilds are there now ?
SwordMan (Уровень 8) 2016-11-27
very nice news ! I'm download this new version !
Crazy Player GM (Уровень 8) 2016-11-21
More guilds !!
BloodMichael93 (Уровень 8) 2016-11-19
A little bit hard... :P so add more features and guilds !
xMaurx (Уровень 9) 2016-11-14
No news ?
Eugor (Уровень 14) 2016-11-02
I need this, Now.
VCent (Уровень 6) 2016-10-18
I hope there's a free version (with premium items, cash in game) that will be nice. Keep it up!
geod_3 (Уровень 10) 2016-10-08
great work ! but add more features (p.s. and add also an easy mode...)
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