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The game requires Java 8. The main idea of the game is simple - you should defeat 10 tanks. Arrow keys set direction, "space" - fire, "Enter" when the result screen is shown - to start a new game. Certainly, it's a very early version.
Chase of Tanks
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franco999 (2818 Драгоценные камни)

My 2cents: first of all replace the graphics. You can find several free resources online. Try this: . I know.You're not an artist but "only" a developer. For this reason you can use free resources :) In this way your game will be more attractive. Then, it's in java, so... can you turn it in an html5 game? it's easy and fast to play a game online here ;)

Karma (2573 Драгоценные камни)

Both the versions for different system...?