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[TESTBUILD] Call Me Old Kaleido - Version 4.027 - Updated: 21:54 18/5 - 17
Map 45 split into two separate levels. This means that there are 46 maps, but you can't select map 46 from the level select yet.
Tweaked 44.
Timer object added, it will save on Credits page, but reset when returned to level select.
Wallstick shortened from 0.2 to 0.15
Normal speed lowered from 90 to 85
Skins change during later levels.
Testbuild screen added back
Jumppads on 34 lowered.
Fixed tiling on 44 and 43.

[TESTBUILD] Call Me Old Kaleido - Version 4.026 - Updated: 12:38 15/5 - 17
Credit screen revamped
Fixed credit sprites
Tweaked 38
Ending of 45 tweaked.

[TESTBUILD] Call Me Old Kaleido - Version 4.025 - Updated: 23:00 15/5 - 17
23 tweaked to give the player a bigger safespot
42 tweaked to give the player more ammo

[LIVE] Call Me Old Kaleido - Version 4.023 - Updated: 18:15 15/5 - 17
UI elements added!
Fixed bug where you couldn't toggle music on level select.
Fixed bug where you could spawn toggle particle when the animation for 'gun pickup' was playing.
Fixed tiling on 38.
Wall slide speed lowered from 50 to 40.
Level select screen completed.
Level Select screen implemented.
Level select sign implemented.
Bullet collission box shrunk.
Fixed bug where death particle position wouldn't reset when return to level select.
Fixed bug where you couldn't toggle music on level select.
Tweaked levels: 43, 21, 38, 20, 42, 27, 16
Minor tweak to splashscreen
"Press M to toggle Mute" changed to "Press M to toggle music"
[TESTBUILD] Call Me Old Kaleido - Version 4.024 - Updated: 22:15 15/5 - 17
D-pad functioning for level select and credits screen.
Fixed bug where gun wouldn't fire if by wall when using a controller
Fixed audio on jump
Tweaked: 43, 36, 37, 45

[LIVE] Call Me Old Kaleido - Version 2.021 - Updated: 17:59 11/5 - 17! Added since last update:
Controller support added
Arrow keys for controls added
Added shift for sprint
Death particle effect added
Sprint particle effect added
Death counter added
Death SFX added
Tweaked bouncing enemies slightly
Text for ‘M to Mute’ added.
Text for ‘ESC to go to menu’ added
Levels moved up 14 pixels: 8, 16, 32, 33, 34, 36, 37, 38, 40
Tweaked levels: 28, 16, 26, 12, 17, 23, 27.
Controls tweaked:
Jump sustain increased from 0 to 50
Jump strength decreased from 150 to 140
Normal acceleration decreased from 150 to 130
Sprint speed increased from 165 to 175
Sprint deacceleration changed from 200 to 150
Normal deacceleration changed from 100 to 200
Tutorial for changed controls added
Particle effects for jump tweaked

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