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Ancient Cage

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Опубликовано: 30/08/2016

Point and Click


A visual novel about a future human. He detects a signal on the old Earth, the planet that humans left cenuries ago. It should be impossible imposible to send this kind of signal with the tech the Earth has, so he decides to go to the Earth and find out who sent it. #LDJAM
Языки: English  
Ancient Cage
Ancient Cage
Ancient Cage
Комментарии (5)
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Luis (Уровень 17) 2019-01-31
did you make other games?
Fellowplayer Profile (Уровень 22) 2018-01-05
Did you draw all of these? Pretty good.
Alkatraz (Уровень 8) 2016-10-28
Very nice draws !!! Congratulations ! Are you continuing it ?
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