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All 4 a Cola

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Опубликовано: 12/10/2013

Point and Click


It's a mini adventure game created in "old-fashioned" point & click where the main character (Mr. MenphiS), cruising the various locations, must find a way to meet the demand of the beautiful Uma. Also avaiable in Italian.
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All 4 a Cola
All 4 a Cola
All 4 a Cola
All 4 a Cola
All 4 a Cola
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nezir (515 Драгоценные камни) 2018-10-08

super game!

Popsan Angel (3527 Драгоценные камни) 2018-02-22

can you fix the link?

Jonathan Fish (7709 Драгоценные камни) 2016-08-16

nice game ! Great work !

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