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Reofloor (1627 Драгоценные камни) 2018-07-10

perfect design

indiexpo Addons (2761 Драгоценные камни) 2018-06-23

You can find this game also on our new extension/ #addon on your own Browser.

Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/free-games/gechcfjojodafcpggkekfkkfpjacenno

Opera: https://addons.opera.com/it/extensions/details/free-games-2/

Click and Play!

Freank Profile (4291 Драгоценные камни) 2018-06-20

Great design, music and animations

Best IndieGames (4662 Драгоценные камни) 2018-05-06

This game is in the video about the Top 4 Best Indie Games of April 2018

leone25 Profile (670 Драгоценные камни) 2018-05-03

Good game through, perfect to pass time

Marius (4150 Драгоценные камни) 2018-04-23

Hi amovchan :D I discovered this game on a html5 forum. It's great! I hope that it will be famous! As I said in private, nice sounds, music and animation!

ronnye (3464 Драгоценные камни) 2018-04-23

you gain a new follower! Will you add the indiexpo score system?

Amir (4031 Драгоценные камни) 2018-04-23

incredibly colorful and the BGM is great

Popsan Angel (3445 Драгоценные камни) 2018-04-23

AMAZING! it's so clear and funny! Great work!

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