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Hi everyone, I forgot that I put the game here. Since the last update, I added a lot of stuff. I also have a new website


Due to more content being added for the next demo, I will not be able to put the demo for you folks on GameJolt / Indiexpo until Friday May 5th, 2017. The previous date was supposed to be this Friday, April 28th. I want to make the game as playable as possible.

What to look forward to in the next demo:

- New characters to be introduced (Kelina and Feena)
- Chapter 1.2 (In the Game)
- Chapter 2 (Fanfiction Story only)
- New Angel Moves to try out (Freya and Luna Cassandra)
- Potential Mechanical scoring system
- Angel Transformations preview
- And more.

Stay tuned for more information throughout this week. Also, Check out my new Game Development site.

New Game Dev site: (Takes you directly to the game page)

Thanks for following the development everyone.


Next update on indiexpo is next week


Next update on Indiexpo is on April 30th, 2017

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