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Helyees (Nível 6) 2017-12-20
Love this!!
9tk (Nível 6) 2017-01-07
so... if i may ask, how is this a "j-rpg"...? are you japanese? does the game play in japan...? was the game made in japan?
Staff Validada (Nível 14) 2016-12-09
Application Error. Please, solve the bug... or we will delete the page :(
Stre93 (Nível 11) 2016-11-03
good start ! Continue it !
Eugor (Nível 13) 2016-11-02
Really looking forward to this! Good luck!
Carir (Nível 10) 2016-10-31
A nice style ! The design is very good. I added it to my to-play list :D coming soon a my review !
geod_3 (Nível 9) 2016-10-29
Very nice work! The touch is perfect and it appears interesting. But I'm playing it on my phone and it's very hard to see everywhere. Can you improve it with a responsive design?
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