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26Hello guys! It’s been a couple of months from our last update and we hope you are doing great! We are working so hard on the project and little by little it’s becoming something really interesting. Most of the pixel art in the game is original like: battle animations, character sprites, map pixel art etc.. of course we decided to take a big step into the making of a project that will surely take more time than expected but it will be worth the wait!!! Do you think we should upload the game as a new game or just replace the existent one?? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to folllow our Instagram on Storiesofexilia! There you can see all the updates we are doing!
Good vibes to everyone! ❤️
#updates #rpggames #fantasyrpg

Hello Everyone, I hope you are doing alright!
Here's a quick update on the making of the definitive version of the Demo:
The remapping of the whole village and interiors is FINISHED! Within the end of the month I think I will be able to remap everything and start with the scripting for the definitive version that will go out during the first half of august!
Stay tuned everyone! The best is yet to come ;)
#Remapping #FANTASYRPG

Hello everyone. I hope you are doing alright! Just to let you know that we didn’t stop working on the game. I’m making a huge work of remapping the whole game’s maps and it will take me a whille before the version 2.0 (and I hope definitive) will come out. Oh yes, I said WE 😋, big surprises will come with the release of the new version!! Stay tuned!

Hello everyone!! Now the leader board is active and fully working!!! I'm so curious to see what the max score will be! ^O^ I hope you will enjoy!

Hello everyone!! Now the game is FULLY working on browser too!! Enjoy! ^O^//

Please let me know if you find any bug.
Also, since english is not my first language, there might be some errors or some of the dialogues might not be so smooth. If you would be so kind to give me some feedbacks, suggestions and advices for dialogs, word choices etc it will be very much appreciated.
The enemies have level displayed beside their names just for demo, so if you have any suggestion how to adjust the enemies lvl for a more exciting gameplay I am very happy to hear your feedback about that. Anyway in the definitive version (Which still has a long way to go) lvl will not be displayed.
All the bgm is composed and recorded by me :)
#gametest #RPGMAKERMV

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