Super Dungeon Master VX Super Dungeon Master VX boyflea
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Myrkvidr (Nível 13) 2020-06-12
it looks "ok", but the original Dungeon Master looked better. why do this and not improve on the old game? im confused. you probably should have just made an original game imo
Luis (Nível 17) 2018-06-11
It has a really strange style. I don't know if you are new in pixel art or it's just your style
DanGames (Nível 6) 2017-06-23
Interesting, it is a fusion of different mechanics
boyflea (Nível 6) 2017-06-19
Thanks for the support! A full walkthrough of all content can be found on YouTube.
RealTidus (Nível 12) 2017-06-19
You mixed a lot of different styles
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