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Download Baixar

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Buzzarello (Nível 4) 2020-03-19
Like I promised. Sorry the language I used is portuguese(Pt-Br).
Buzzarello (Nível 4) 2020-03-13
This game is really loyal the prologue from Silent Hills. Congrats dudes. And if you want I translate from english to brazilian portuguese I just watch my video and I might translate the radio talks and notes for you easily because I am brazilian, so after that I would send for you the text translated with the english part gathering. :D
Fellowplayer (Nível 22) 2018-01-05
Its nice to see a twist to the usual RPG games.
TyrionL (Nível 14) 2017-11-25
are you working on a sequel?
Selitto (Nível 4) 2017-03-01
I don't steal your project.
Selitto (Nível 4) 2017-02-28
Nice, i can translate your game for Brazilian Portuguese?
GInTheShell94 (Nível 8) 2016-12-03
I played it and completed. I love this kind of horror game. No jumpscared but a good plot ! and I love it because you add so many updates ! Good work for your sequel ! :)
iamhere (Nível 13) 2016-12-02
the next with MV :P
Crazy Player GM (Nível 8) 2016-11-21
nice !!!
BloodMichael93 (Nível 8) 2016-11-19
this is one of the most followed game :D I'm downloading it !
9tk (Nível 6) 2016-11-04
There we go, downloaded and played through the game. - It's a rather short one.
It features some nice "camera effects" and sounds - but suffers from a few design flaws
in pixel-art /spriting and mapping. As a RPG maker game, it imitates PT quite curiously though.
NuraxInt (Nível 6) 2016-11-03
A nice work on that camera, as well as on character design and ambience. Well done!
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