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Update v.0.1.2 / Atualização v.0.1.2

Hello everyone, I finally updated the game for what I will call "the last version".

Who played don’t worry, there was no addition / change in history.

This update brings improvements in the system of pressing buttons in the scenes and changes in difficulty of the game, but still with a challenging difficulty.

To know about the changes, read the "Changelog" in the game folder.

PS: Saves from other versions of the game will not work in this version. Sorry for anything.


Hello everyone, this time I don’t come to bring any update, but I come to make a request for all. o/ My game is participating in a Game Jam, promoted by a channel on YouTube. ("Canal do Maker")

I beg for everyone who played the game, vote in the game, if you liked. Thanks for reading. XD ~Sorry for English.

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