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Early-access is now LIVE on Steam! - https://store.steampowered.com/app/917990/PUNKEX_2093. The game is around 85% playable. Buy it right now for a cheaper price. During this phrase, I will continue to improve on the game as well as listening to players feedback.

PUNK-EX is going Early-access on Steam in November! https://store.steampowered.com/app/917990/PUNKEX_2093You can add the game to your wishlist to follow it.

Hi everyone, I uploaded a Webgl/browser version of the game but it has some big problems. First the game is stuck at the Unity loading screen. The second problem is that the game isn't suitable to be played on a browser. You might experience a lot of lagging issues due to the game not optimize for web. For the time being, I will tried to fix it but after a week, I will probably return the game to a standalone exe build.Feel free to follow the game on twitter -https://twitter.com/punk_exThanks.

Hi everyone! a Webgl or browser version of the game will probably be ready next weeked. Will update the game here so more people can play it online!Also there's my Patreon page where you can find development images and alpha/beta games to test. Your name will be included in all of my games' credit section.https://www.patreon.com/koexstudio

Hi everyone, PUNK-EX gameplay video for V 1.3 is up! What do you think of the game?#action #sci-fi

Hi everyone! PUNK-ex is going through some changes in the graphic sides and improvements in the gameplay mechanics. On top of that, multiplayer mode is under development with PVP and PVE. It will be very exciting!A update will be coming soon. Please share the game with your friends and give your comments about the game.

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