Ajuda de formatação 380
Songoku (1261 Gemas) 2019-05-27

You have to make it playable online. Your players will grow up faster. It is very nice!

Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemas) 2016-08-15

Very nice! I love the effect used for the explosions ! Great work!

Azieser Profile (177 Gemas) 2016-06-05

Excellent game!

Marius (4150 Gemas) 2016-04-23

nice ! Voted also on LD !

Faruk (698 Gemas) 2016-04-22

easy and fast ! Followed, voted and downloaded ! :D

Gianus (1069 Gemas) 2016-04-22

psychedelic @_@

Staff (3396 Gemas) 2016-04-22

You posted the game two times. We removed one of them. You can edit this page to add more info.

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