Pocket Quest! Pocket Quest! Testament
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Xalag (Nível 6) 2023-12-28
The blend of traditional RPG elements with board game mechanics is genius. Rolling dice to navigate the journey adds an exciting element, and the strategic use of squares amps up the gameplay. It's a nostalgic trip with a modern spin. Can't wait to see how this hybrid adventure unfolds!
Kira (Nível 10) 2023-02-22
DiegoGramicciol Validada (Nível 18) 2022-08-16
Funny game, a very masterpiece!
Stre93 (Nível 14) 2022-07-10
Very funny game! Played all the day long and finally completed! I want to suggest you to make a minigame about Uzu's Origin XD
Eneman (Nível 7) 2021-10-10
Did you never think to create an online version? I am not a game dev, but I prefer to play the online games and it looks very cute
Fleurman (Nível 15) 2021-05-06
This game is a masterpiece ! I first played it a few years ago and I regularly come back at it. Yesterday, I felt like playing again and here I go again saving the young prince for the fourth or fifth time, haha... Thank you for your work !
Rodixxx (Nível 7) 2021-02-08
Can I play it on tablet?
Freank Validada (Nível 18) 2021-02-01
Hey @testament, qualche novità su nuovi progetti? Io voglio uno spinoff di PQ!
Ischenderun (Nível 9) 2021-01-26
Avventura Fantastica!.
Personaggi straordinari!.Da giocare e amare, non ci sono alternative
AngelStarStudio (Nível 8) 2020-11-06
This is a really cute game!
Zachurrate (Nível 6) 2020-09-27

YouTube Gameplay
Lots of fun! Will be continuing the journey.
mTSOULI (Nível 10) 2020-04-05
Nice game, i really liked it
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