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SEICO (Nível 8) 2020-06-04
Bel design di gioco!
Drifterthorn (Nível 6) 2019-03-25
This is a fun short game. I really like how it is the objects talking to you.
YouTube Gameplay
Luis (Nível 17) 2019-01-31
a good idea for this kind of jam. you should be like a tiny sherlock
unRoboto (Nível 8) 2019-01-29
you should add a timer to remember all the info in the first room
Fellowplayer (Nível 22) 2019-01-27
A small game but it has all it needs.
mazzutakgame (Nível 13) 2019-01-27
a little game, but very professional, very good job!
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