Nemesis - in Darkland

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AnnieIbones - AliceMisaki

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Publicado em: 2017/06/18


Rpg Maker VX ACE

Story: One girl, Nemesis, woke up from one nightmare, and she run back at home with her plush, Mr. Bunny. Her cat, Lady, was in the only room Nemesis doesn't allow going in. She tried to catch her but Lady is missing. Nemesis's journey starts from when she run out her house for finding her cat.Follow Nemesis into her journey, in this strange new world.
Idioma: English  
Novidades: 2
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Nemesis - in Darkland
Nemesis - in Darkland
Nemesis - in Darkland
Comentários (4)
Ajuda de formatação
BBads (1367 Gemas) 2018-01-05

very great plot

MagicOz (1489 Gemas) 2017-12-27

*"the game is complete!" :DDDD

the ugly truth (2187 Gemas) 2017-08-07

good work! Very nice! The dark version of Alice in w.

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Nemesis - in Darkland
Nemesis - in Darkland
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