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ronnye (2319 Gemas) 2017-03-26

Look very nice so far. Nice gameplay.

Karma (3738 Gemas) 2017-01-04

in the first part the pet is so cute _

GInTheShell94 (984 Gemas) 2016-12-03

I love the first part! With the pet! it's a very nice puzzle game !! Congratulations !

Branir Rocos (1324 Gemas) 2016-10-05

Interesting game ! It's very nice the first part of the game ! Where the "connection" between the wolf and the girl is very strong 8and cute) ! :D

Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemas) 2016-08-16

another great game developed by this softw. h. ! very funny and cute ! i love the feeling between the girl and the pup in the first part of the game. Then it became different. more adventure, less love. you are very skilled ! great game !

Gianus (1069 Gemas) 2016-04-17

It's very cute ! Is it your only game in english ? I love the feel between the wolf and the girl :)

ReykokunaRyu (71 Gemas) 2016-01-03

Non ero a conoscenza di questo tuo progetto Lollo, mi auguro che aggiungerai la lingua italiana per potercelo gustare nel migliore dei modi, intanto provo ugualmente, la curiosità di un puzzle game fatto da te è troppo forte :D

Marius (3478 Gemas) 2015-09-03

The voices are Amazing!! Very nice puzzle game with several fearures ! Gj !

Lollo Rocket Diver Profile (1020 Gemas) 2015-08-06

New version uploaded! Now the game should run without RTP.

Lollo Rocket Diver Profile (1020 Gemas) 2015-08-06

Uhm... weird. I'll try to fix the problem asap : )

Gatsu87 (2821 Gemas) 2015-08-06

Are you sure ? It's impossible ... i cant play it. It wants the RTP pack (no rpg maker, but only the rtp)

Lollo Rocket Diver Profile (1020 Gemas) 2015-08-05

I played it on my laptop and I haven't RPGMaker installed there. It should work without RTP ^_^"

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