Lazr - A Clothformer

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Lazr is a physics based 2d platformer with cloth simulations, set in a cyberpunk city called Alpha City One. Difficult, acrobatic platforming awaits the brave souls who dare to take control of Lazr - a fusion powered killer android capable of firing high intensity laser beams from her eyes.
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Lazr's Demo has been updated! ​This update adds hardcore mode, which removes checkpoints and changes the overworld map to be linear. You'll have to beat levels in order, in other words. A bug with the NPCs was also fixed, where an npc could be stationary and would not animate, and would also block the player. This has been fixed. Here is week 2's dev vlog update:...
Lazr - A Clothformer
Lazr - A Clothformer
Lazr - A Clothformer
Lazr - A Clothformer
Lazr - A Clothformer
Lazr - A Clothformer
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unRoboto (1176 Gemas) 2020-03-25

Is it possible to use the "ghost-cat"?

Hellboy92 (1437 Gemas) 2020-03-22

I played it all the day long. Just one tip: the controls for keyboard. They aren't so comfortable

kalindor (2211 Gemas) 2020-03-14

I love it. Short and not so easy, but the stages are greats. Perfect pixel art

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