Lazr Cyberpunk Platformer

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Publicado em: 2020/02/05



Lazr is a physics based 2d platformer with cloth simulations, set in a cyberpunk city called Alpha City One. Difficult, acrobatic platforming awaits the brave souls who dare to take control of Lazr - a fusion powered killer android capable of firing high intensity laser beams from her eyes.
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Lazr Dev Log #52 Hey Everyone! Here's Lazr's 52nd dev log:
Lazr Cyberpunk Platformer
Lazr Cyberpunk Platformer
Lazr Cyberpunk Platformer
Lazr Cyberpunk Platformer
Lazr Cyberpunk Platformer
Lazr Cyberpunk Platformer
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Sekayo (Nível 12) 2021-04-16
Eugor (Nível 13) 2021-04-15
Wow! The new trailer is very cool! Yoy showed a lot of new things! Great game
Sottorive (Nível 6) 2021-04-02
Never see a pixelart animated so good! You created a perfect cyberpunk world with amazing effects... and all in pixelart! It is a masterpiece! The only "hard part" is the key configuration. Using the keyboard at first is a little bit hard to be fast. Am I the only one that I noted it?
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