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Interested in Voice Acting in a video game?
!!!! PAID WORK!!!
Looking for Voice Actors for 2 Video Games!
Only 3 days left! (Ends Aug 8th EST)
22+ roles available!
Professionals and Beginners welcome!
Please see the original Post OR the link below for more details.
Killer Gin Voice Actor Auditions Doc:
#killergin #Indiegame #platformer #voiceacting #steam #manga

Looking for Voice Actors for 2 Video Games!
Professionals and Beginners welcome!
!!!! PAID !!!
Start: July 24th, 2021.
End: Aug 8th, 2021 (by midnight, Eastern Standard Time)
Roles: 22+ roles open!
Best place to submit Audition: KG Discord (Preferred)
Discord Link:
Killer Gin Voice Actor Auditions Doc:

Killer Gin Update!
(Massive Map Interaction Update)
1) Now hide from enemies in bushes!
2) Enemies now detect bodies of fallen comrades!
3) Randomly spawning bosses who can raise fallen enemies!
4) Birds fly around and land, and will fly away when approached!
5) Game Balance updated! (for players spending tons of time on side quests).
6) Oracle updated in game.
7) and much more!
PS: The Oracle will become 1 of 4 NEW playable characters in the upcoming Killer Gin Drake DLC! (Now 50+ playable characters!)

Killer Gin Winter Sale 40% off!
Old School 50+ hrs Epic Fantasy jRPG
Once the sale is over, the Early Access DLC and the Cats and Dogs DLC will no longer be free.
Best place to buy:
#killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam

Happy Holidays!
I wish you and yours, Joy and Happiness!
And as a holiday present:
Killer Gin Optimized 2.0!!
- KG is now fully optimized for low end GPUs
- NW.js version 49.2
- STEAM version 1.5
- Game Guide Updated (and searchable)
- Make sure your Good GPU, not integrated is running KG
(Guide has a walk through for you, best performance)
Now that KG is as optimized as possible
I can finally concentrate on:
The KG Drake DLC, there will be Dragons, coming soon!

Killer Gin Version 1.0.8 (Optimized Edition)
- Killer Gin Further Optimized!
- Added Options to optimize game even further!
- Tweaked some Arena Opponents
- Updated Game Secrets Guide!!
- RPG Shenanigans Episode Uploaded to Youtube!!


AND IT Finally Arrives!!!
Killer Gin Version 1.0.7 (Last Version!)
Over the past 2 weeks, hundreds of hours have been poured into Killer Gin to create the final definitive version.
Now, is the time to see what Killer Gin is made of!
If you bought or checked out Killer Gin recently, the new version is Night and Day, Game, Demo and Guide Updated! Download Today!)

Killer Gin MASSIVE UPDATE 1.0.6 released!!!!
- Wildlife will now spawn all throughout the game!
- KG Optimized to Run Better!
- New Lighting Mode in Options! (enable anytime!)
- Better Game Balance
- Created unique party skills based on Morale
- Homestead Updated!
- And MUCH more!
Killer Gin STEAM Link:

#killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam

Killer Gin MASSIVE UPDATE 1.0.4 released!!!!
- Important, you must start a new game, old saves won't work. ** Beta Branch available of you want to continue old game.
- New Game+ mode added to game!
- Player Stat Max increased!
- Player Damage Max increased!
- Play balanced the crap out of the game!
- Updated and upgraded Arena
- Created Arena Store
- New skills, items, and enemies.
- All in game stores updated
- Fixed some bugs
- and MUCH MORE!
Killer Gin STEAM Link:

#killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam

Killer Gin Version 1.0.2 (A) (Big Homestead Update)
- Aging objects like crops and livestock in homestead fixed.
- Made lights work great with pet banter (they talk!)
- All characters correctly spawn in their beds at night
- Fixed Jovi special game crash (face missing!)
- Fixed Jovi skills (party specials)
- Fixed a few game maps
- and MORE!



PS: If you want to test Homestead with 30+ characters unlocked, contact me for the cheat code, FB, Discord, etc.
#killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam

Killer Gin Updated!
Killer Gin Version 1.0.2 (Big Homestead Update)
- Shrunk the size of the game! From 1.2 gigs to 720 MB! 
- Added last of missing VA (2,200 files 4,500 voice acted lines. 40+ VAs)
- Finished integrating the 6 new homestead characters
- Completely reworked how the game handles spawning in Homestead
- Created new item so you can summon any homestead character to your map
- Created item so you can give whole party AP

- Added a bunch more save points to make the game a bit more forgiving
- Fixed Library book game crash, also expanded dwarf library
- New Quests, Items, and Skills!
- and much more!

PS: If you want to test Homestead with 30+ characters unlocked, contact me for the cheat code, FB, Discord, etc.
Killer Gin STEAM Link:

#killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam

I love receiving emails from fans! Please keep them coming. I welcome constructive criticism. I will continue to work hard to update, patch, and improve KG!
"My name is Patrick, and I am an avid video game player especially RPG games. I want to say that I enjoyed playing your game Killer Gin. It was one of the most interesting games I played using the RPG Maker genre, and there were a lot of stuff involved to make this game captivating and playable."
Killer Gin is 100% done, over 50+ hrs long RPG:
#killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam

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Baixar Racing Game Challenge
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