Ajuda de formatação 380
Cimpo (594 Gemas) 2016-09-18

Cmon ! it's not so bad ! ;)

fats (2932 Gemas) 2016-09-18

oh, wow. nice upgrades !! Continue in this way ! :D

PainGames (978 Gemas) 2016-09-17

any idea on health ui?

CUtet92 (755 Gemas) 2016-09-17

A good start. You can improve it in different ways ! I follow !

MyTrain (1121 Gemas) 2016-09-17

I'm playing it from my phone.... And it works very well!! It's fast and light! And the touch control is very good. So: the mechanic is perfect. Now you can improve the UI (adding a life bar) and different type of shoots. Also the sound is perfect.ah ! Another thing: several times the stars in the background appear like the shoots of the enemies! So I follow it to see the updates!!

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