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Over the last couple of months we have been hard at work making some significant changes to the HyperParasite Pre-Alpha.

You'll now get to experience the the full first act of HyperParasite which includes 3 different levels and a boss fight! That's around two hours of game play waiting for you.

You can check out the summary below, or to see the full change log, head on over to the Steam store page (link below) to read the full announcement. 👍

Parasite Attack Combo System Upgrades Parasite-Host Body Affinity Items & Skills DoT (damage over time) Effects Thematic Rooms Progression System & Dynamic Game Levels

We can't wait to hear what you think!


Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/838110/HyperParasite/ Discord: https://discord.gg/yk2nfC3


New version 0.1810 is up!

Also, if you want to know what's behind HyperParasite, have a look at the Kickstarter updates we published so far:



Hey HyperParasite fans,

We're super hyped to let you know that you can now download our Pre-Alpha here on Indiexpo. Of course, we'd love to hear your feedback so make sure to leave yours or join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/HoundPicked

But that's not all!

We're launching our Kickstarter campaign on the 10/10/2018! That’s just six days away.

Check out http://www.hyperparasite.com/kickstarter/ for more information.

If you’re not already doing so, make sure to follow us on Twitter for our countdown and regular updates: https://twitter.com/_Troglobytes_



HyperParasite is a homage and a love letter to those 80's cheesy action movies.

The second level is called 'Asiatown' and it's full of karateka masters, kung fu guys, kickboxers, sumo fighters, you name it!

We needed a proper way for them to make an entrance, so we decided to have them fly through windows and pop out of the weirdest places, like hot tubs in a japanese bath house.

Don't forget to join our Discord server (https://discord.gg/xpwaMzT) for first-hand updates, exclusive content and free closed-beta keys!


HyperParasite's second Boss fight.

Two powerful wizards, one huge ghost warrior and a crumbling underground temple: too intense?



Shuriken-based attack for a Ninja is classic, but what about a fiery dragon incinerating all enemies on screen?



New Character Classes. We lost count and don't even know how to call this one: he's got sharp claws and can summon kamikaze minions, so yeah, it's cool enough for us.



Mini-bosses can now dodge and counter-attack:



We are thrilled to announce that HyperParasite is currently in active development for both Microsoft Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

Read the new devlog entry here for further details:



Cloudy with a chance of bombs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61G4IqIBcjM


New mini-parasites mechanics! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9O2pUABt-VU


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIIPqE9XnU4 A game inspired by 80's pop culture needs a proper device to play! Who needs complex shaders to simulate TV bulge and scanline effects? It's all enabled by default here! :D

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