Feathery Ears 羽耳 Feathery Ears 羽耳 Sayuri Artsy
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fats (Nível 12) 2020-01-20
Why you used into the same game two kinds of views/cameras. Third person and 2d side view. I don't like this choice
franco999 (Nível 14) 2020-01-18
I love the character and the style of the intro at the start of the game, but I think that the places are very ugly. Empty, too simple and sad.
LightOfApollo (Nível 6) 2020-01-18

YouTube Gameplay
Amazing work!
Sayuri Artsy (Nível 6) 2020-01-16
@Ronnye, There is a plot, it shows up in little 2D doll cut-scenes.
@Mazzutakgame, Thanks, hoping to make more cool stuff!
mazzutakgame (Nível 14) 2020-01-16
Very cool game Sayuri , you're are great gamedev, i love Wings of Glass and this game is good too! I'm very happy meet you at GameRome!
ronnye (Nível 15) 2020-01-16
is there also a plot or just "go on and fight"-game? The assets look very cool
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