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New Perk System!

Added a new perk system; currently with one perk, which can be unlocked by beating the first boss


Huge Background improvements!

New Boss!

Now has a pretty starry space background

Also added some planets and a galaxy to appear in the background sometimes

Minor UI improvements

Added a boss fight!


New Enemies!

Now with meteors and explosive meteors

Added a bonus for close calls

Changed one of the previous mini-bosses to be another enemy type

Improved the shooter mini-boss and added two new mini-bosses

Added two new special items that you get by killing the new mini-bosses


Heads up! I'll be resetting the leaderboard, because the new update makes the game significantly harder! So, previous high scores might be much harder to achieve. Hope you understand!


Movement Update!

Improved player movement significantly, while also making it more difficult(but the maneuverability is so sweet!)



Made the game more balanced:

Enemies will now move at random speeds without incremental speed increase

The bosses will also have a fixed speed, to prevent them from instantly killing the player when they spawn later

Adjusted the spawn system to increase the number of enemies appearing over time instead of increasing enemy speed over time

One of the two bosses will spawn every 30 seconds randomly instead of having a fixed spawn pattern

Shielded enemies will also spawn randomly after the first time

Added a crosshair

Added downloadable versions for Windows, Mac and Linux

All these balance changes were done to make each run more exciting and random, making Retrospace more of a Rogue-like. I hope everyone enjoys these new changes.



Added improved effects(more 'splosions!) Improved UI Added a new background(now you can see that you're moving)

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