Ajuda de formatação 380
Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemas) 2016-08-15

I don't understand how to play it ...

Marius (4110 Gemas) 2016-04-22

is this a popular game ?! I download !

Gianus (1069 Gemas) 2016-04-22

the game of stephen hawking XD

Danoli3 Profile (121 Gemas) 2016-04-21

How to Play!!!! - Match the shape of the purple orb (player controlled) with the shape emitted from the blackhole. - You can change your shape by tapping W or S up and down. There are 4 shapes, Sphere, Hexagon, Prism and Cube. - Hold Down A or D and ramp up your orbit speed until you can collide with most if not all entities.

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