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Hey everyone! Here we have the update version 1.4 of Dasher, Milkshakes and Power-ups! Now, the reason I named it like that will be clear for you after you seen the main changes about this update:

• Added 4 Power-ups! Additional Health, Shield, Instant kills and the Dasher Pro (x2 Speed and deals double damage!)

• Android support. You can now play Dasher on Android phones, tablets and TV Boxes.

• Added Indiexpo's leader board system.

• Persian language support.

• Enemies now dissolve with a beautiful effect when killed.

• Brand new coloring style for menus and the Logo.

• New Camera shaking and following effects.

• New 3D model for the Mines.

• Enemies now follow different paths for each map after death.

• Hasher is buffed a little.

• You can go through the enemies after killing them.

• New smoke effect for when enemies spawn.

• The help now can be accessed anytime in the menu.

• Mouse re-enters the screen after restarting. (Windows)

• Small fixes: Fasher spawns less, Removed Doppler effect, Camera goes a little more up after death, Sound and Music muting references now actually save, New Unity window style for WebGL, made a better exit confirmation menu, Added a "Sources" menu in the main menu.

You can now report bugs and give ideas more easily with Dasher 3D Online Reporter! But the Community Page is still the best way.

Thanks for your continuous support. Your kindness and generosity gives me the courage to make more games!


Expect a huge update for Dasher soon: Android support, Camera effects, bug fixes and finally... Power ups!

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