Novidades Feed Rss WHAT A DRAGON! (0.15)

0.14 - Made the castle entrance, but there's no castle hallways yet, so you'll just be teleported to the regular area.

0.13 - Above head messages showing score, damage and level up.

0.12 - Just added one more room.

0.11 - Choose 1 of 4 characters in the beginning.

0.10 - Fixed some enemy bugs and potions.

0.9 - Made a room to the west of starting area and one to the far north. I will slowly just keep building upon the world until it is big enough.

0.6 - Added a switch where the player can decide what the enemies will drop, that being treasure or experience points.

This game just needs a couple of more tweaks to make it more fun to play... not sure when I'll get to it. Bombs are too deadly or too plentiful.

Quick-fixed this game, for now.

Armor upgrades added, keys collected is shown in the down right corner

Ideas: - Princess will follow you and you won't get your reward unless you can safely escort her to the level exit, if you are injured in any way, the princess will perish.- End the game at floor 12? 4 dungeons, 4 crypts, 4 hell levels, then the dragon with treasures to steal.
- Combine spider/imp, shop/inn and let them be randomized. - Golden key will disable traps OR open a treasure chest, player has to choose. - Simon the rat will sniff out the food but takes half of it.
- Combo counter and an item that doubles the counter.
- 5 jewels will open dungeon level. 5 marriages will open hell portal. Exit will be replaced. Elder dragon can be killed if player collects all the ruby gear. Ruby gear will on rare occassions appear instead of regular treasure? 1 in 12 chance? Think of better implementation...
- hell level. Devils, demons and succubi. Strongest enemies in the game. Elder dragon you can steal treasure from\that Are visible treasure chests but one will wake the dragon and kill player instantly. Holy cross item will ... Do something, maybe kill enemy of choice. Gambling at inn, roulette or dice higher or lower? Death cutscene or at least a skeleton pile picture? Permanent upgrades like tower or druaga.

Ditched the ZX Spectrum style as it isn't ideal for people who are color blind.

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