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Blade of Verdance

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Publicado em: 2017/12/21



***DISCLAIMER: THIS IS ONLY A SHORT DEMO*** Blade of Verdance is a 2D story-driven turn-based RPG. The game is mostly inspired by JRPGs such as Breath of Fire and Final Fantasy Tactics (for its world and story). The game takes place in a original medieval fantasy world, with all the sword and sorcery it implies. The plot focuses on themes such as duty, power and politics.
Idioma: English   Francais   Portugues   日本語  
Novidades: 3
We updated the demo to fix some bugs and add support for French and Japanese languages. Enjoy!
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Blade of Verdance
Blade of Verdance
Blade of Verdance
Comentários (15)
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Boruto (605 Gemas) 2019-02-09


TyrionL (3434 Gemas) 2018-06-05

how is going on this game? no updates, no new info. Is it still alive? when a new demo?

Michelle (1435 Gemas) 2018-03-15

2 stars. because it's showed like an huge game, but there's just one map. sorry. I will change it with the next version

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Blade of Verdance
Blade of Verdance
Blade of Verdance
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