Aktualności 11 Feed Rss World's Smallest RPG: Rev

0.14.0 - New sprites, palette, HUD finalized. A-button weapons are always tied to player class. B-button weapons are always the sub-weapons. New level up system that raises your strength for every kill.

0.13.0 - HUD improvements, more weapons

0.12.0 - Added Duncaster Mines, where you can mine for metals and gemstones

0.11.0 - Using the project to convert to a WSRPG remake with Zelda-style combat.

0.10.0 - Speedboots added

0.9.0 - Fixed game-breaking bugs, started on level 3

0.8.0 - Eating a pepper makes you breathe fire and run faster

0.7.0 - Pressing C or button 3 on a gamepad pauses the game and shows the option menu. Also added secret door bonus rooms

0.6.0 - You can now turn on the spot by tapping the direction. This might be an OPTION in the future, selected at the main menu.

0.5.0 - Level 2 completed.

0.4.0 - 1 level completed. Finished game might have 60 or so.

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