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Hi everyone
If you've only followed me through indiexpo, then check the game out on GameJolt, it was majorly updated up till December 2019: https://gamejolt.com/games/sss17/274659
And if you want new stuff from me come to my website: https://hypergamesdev.github.io

Hi shooters!
So here’s finally the achievements and scoreboard, it was not a easy task! Phew, what a update!
Also i added sound options!!
-If you logged once, there’s a autologin system that i made :D
-7 Cool Achievements!
-Sound Options!
-Credits to music creator and web-page with all the sounds i used
To update, I think you have to remove previous version and download the new.
It may sometimes give an error at launch but it’s normal in GameJoltAPI, just restart the game ;)

Hi shooters!
It’s 6 months till my last game release, im now developing something new so, get ready!
Also there will be a update introducing achievements into Super Space Shooter 17 :D
Stay tuned ;)

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