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Fellowplayer (Poziom 22) 2019-11-07
It's been a while since I last played the game. Is it still going forward or has development stopped?
Luis (Poziom 17) 2018-01-21
at the same time this is cute and erotic(?) lol.
Fellowplayer (Poziom 22) 2018-01-04
Would you be able to update on when the full game will be released? I'm pretty keen to do a full playlist on YouTube about it.
Cyberwolf (Poziom 3) 2017-08-10
Someone sent me an email asking me to check out the game and I'm really enjoying it! It's super cute and charming, and the humor is pretty good! Here's my video if you want to check it out.
YouTube Gameplay
TheBigShow (Poziom 12) 2017-08-08
are you continuing it?
Sekayo (Poziom 12) 2017-04-24
pedovin, your fame is great!!!!
Amir (Poziom 13) 2017-04-14
Style and plot very good!!
the ugly truth (Poziom 11) 2017-03-16
Oh. I watched other artworks about it on your Twitter account! Great game!
onebullet55 (Poziom 10) 2017-03-10
when a new update ? I like this cute style and the use of the colors. the plot is interesting, even if it's only the first part.
NovoG (Poziom 10) 2017-03-05
oh! Great job!
Fellowplayer (Poziom 22) 2017-02-26
I of course will wait for the full release, and with my new tech I can record it in better detail. let me know how is goes on my YouTube Channel: Fellowplayer
Step (Poziom 9) 2017-01-29
No news about it ?
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