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Single-hero RPG prototype that wants to offer a simple but different gameplay! Prototipo di RPG a singolo eroe che vuole proporre un gameplay semplice, differente, ma allo stesso tempo accattivante, includendo numerosi elementi tattici e di personalizzazione.
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Rookie Hero
Rookie Hero
Rookie Hero
Rookie Hero
Rookie Hero
Rookie Hero
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Freank Profile (4798 Klejnoty) 2020-03-29

Played and loved! Great work @Thund ! But yes, it's too short :( . I loved the textbox style (like comix-balloons, cool!) and the battle system, very clear and fast. I liked also the mapping, it's perfect and the fog-puzzle! The dialogues are very good and never too long. And yes, @Rockmith has right, the pokemon's inspiration is visible, but it is good! It's the first time that I play an rpg with this design. But too short! Add more areas! Pleeeeeeeease! <3

RockMith (1297 Klejnoty) 2020-03-28

the pokemon style is strong in this game. It's impossible don't think about it during the battles in the forrest. Can I do the carrots to the duck? how to do?

Yahoo (161 Klejnoty) 2020-03-28

how to use the items during the battle? is it possible?

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