Aktualności 3 Feed Rss Nuclear Mayhem

Bullet speed changed from 400 -> 200
Horizontal speed changed from 100 -> 150
Inverted player's colors
Changed hitboxes for all objects
changed background to be black
inverted spikes colors
added noise when ammo is picked up
added sound for when bullet hits the ground
added sound for when the player jumps
added sound for when the player hits spikes
added spike at the bottom for restart
added exit door (doesnt do anything yet)

gravity changed from 250 -> 350
Changed starting ammo from 10 -> 5
Added bullet counter and icon
Changed icon for bullet counter
Spikes now restart the layout
Changed hit box of the player
Got rid of bullet explosion animation
Changed spacing on numbers from 0 -> -8
Changed starting ammo to 0
Test room now has platforms
Added spikes to the side of one platform
Got rid of the sound when the bullet hits the ground (debug sound)

If I get good feedback from players I may consider making levels and such

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