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Guile (Poziom 8) 2021-01-30
Great soundtracks! It's very important for a game like this one
Best IndieGames (Poziom 16) 2021-01-09
This game is in the video about the Top 7 BEST NEW Indie Games of December 2020

YouTube Gameplay
franco999 (Poziom 13) 2020-12-30
Very confusing but good
Stre93 (Poziom 11) 2020-12-21
i wait for the keyboard support.
Tails_Strife Zweryfikowano (Poziom 14) 2020-12-17
ehm, I don't understand so much things but it seems a cool project, and I like your platform mechanycs, I will wait the next upadate, a very very nice project
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