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KingJhon (4503 Klejnoty) 2019-06-02

I dunno if it can help you but I played it on phone. Perfect, no lag, very good, great levels balance. But when I click on play I have the phone vertically and if I want to play it I have to reload the page and start it horizontally. I dunno if I'm clear

wikilox Profile (1200 Klejnoty) 2019-06-02

The pixel art and the design is incredible cool! My only 2 cents is to use few keys. why did you added spacebar to contine? I already have an "action-button". too many buttons make me crazy XD

DevZone (971 Klejnoty) 2019-06-01

Incredible, and with this looks like that your engine will be good too!

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