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Moonbound tells the story of Aya and Rudra, a little girl and her wolf pup, fleeing from the haunting invasion of dark spirits from beyond the Veil. Both refugees and exiles, alone in this world, their only hope is to reach the Holy Land. Arrow keys: move AYA Z button: interact with the environment A button: give a command to Rudra (fetch items, snarl, sneak...)
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ronnye (2203 Klejnoty) 2017-03-26

Look very nice so far. Nice gameplay.

Karma (3203 Klejnoty) 2017-01-04

in the first part the pet is so cute _

GInTheShell94 (984 Klejnoty) 2016-12-03

I love the first part! With the pet! it's a very nice puzzle game !! Congratulations !

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