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Let's Go Nuts!

90 Graczy
Jump! Move! Be a Ninja! Or wear a Hood! Jump! Don't fall into green goo!
Język: Polski  
Aktualności: 1
FINALLY!!! 😍😍✌️👌 Let's Go Nuts available on Steam Store! 🐹🐹 Get the game with a 40% discount only for limited time!!! 😳🤪 Cheers! 😘
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Let's Go Nuts!
Let's Go Nuts!
Let's Go Nuts!
Komentarze (2)
Fellowplayer Profile (18630 Klejnoty) 2018-05-30

Looks like the sort of style from the 90's :)

iamhere (2454 Klejnoty) 2018-05-28

oh, it's so cuuuuuute! Even if the animations are not o fluid... but it's a very great game! GJ

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