Lazr - A Clothformer

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Lazr is a physics based 2d platformer with cloth simulations, set in a cyberpunk city called Alpha City One. Difficult, acrobatic platforming awaits the brave souls who dare to take control of Lazr - a fusion powered killer android capable of firing high intensity laser beams from her eyes.
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Hey Everyone, Here's Dev Vlog Update 15:
Lazr - A Clothformer
Lazr - A Clothformer
Lazr - A Clothformer
Lazr - A Clothformer
Lazr - A Clothformer
Lazr - A Clothformer
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cradth (Poziom 13) 2020-06-25
I love the art style and animation in this game! Well done! :)
Coopa (Poziom 8) 2020-05-25
The neat animations is one of the coolest thing ever see!
masanobu91 (Poziom 7) 2020-05-12
I want to add pixelart to my game as well but i can't use it T_T I envy you so much!! Gorgeous pixelart!!! Still have to test the gameplay properly.
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