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Kasatmata - Chapter 1 Extended v2.20 is out~ Here's the full changelogs for latest version : https://rpgmaker.net/games/9206/blog/19649/

KASATMATA - Chapter 1 REMADE v2.0.1 released~ + Add Twisted World
- Add Twisted Entities
- Add Jumpscares
- More Gameplay tutorial
- Item Description fixes
- Clues and hints easier to find
- Grammar & Dialoge fixes
- Pathing fixes
- Additional scenes
- New ending Scenes
- Plot holes fixes
- etc

ANNOUNCEMENT : There will be a HUGE update on this month, it's called "TWISTED WORLD", I'll upload it as DLC. What's new? +New Map : A whole Blackmoon Valley Map, include the three more buildings : The Hospital, The Graveyard, and The School! +Twisted Supernatural Beings enter the field! +More HINTS into the gameplay! so you don't have to waste your time in exploring! +More TUTORIAL about the BRAVE METER mechanism! +Real time action/decision feature! +And last, I'll put the jumpscares and the real "terror" into the game to hunt you down! Stay tuned. :)

KASATMATA - Chapter 1 v1.1.0 released. + Item Description fixes + More Hints + Grammar & Dialoge fixes + Pathing fixes + Additional scenes + New ending Scenes + etc

KASATMATA - Chapter 1 v1.0.3 released + More Asteria Pen to save + Add Readme Basic Control + Grammar & Dialoge fixes + Pathing fixes + Molotov Timer fix + etc

Kasatmata - Chapter 1 begins during the recording of the TV show called "Beda Dunia", a "supernatural-challenge" reality show where the contestant will stay in a "haunted place" for an hour and a half without the lightings except a candle.
You'll lead a brave guy, Satria, who doesn't believe in ghosts. He's a non-believer of all things supernatural, seek anyone who can prove to him that ghost is real. This time, he's trying to uncover the tricks behind the show, but in the end of the challenge, something is coming up. The TV crew are gone without a single trace.
​Is this part of the show? Or could you reveal the truth behind this strange event?
You may interpret the plot and decide the final act as you wish.
You'll find 10 different endings, each holds different conclusion from one another, the good ones bring you a revelation and the bad ones will bring up more questions. The game's average playtime ranges from 30 minutes ~ 1 hour to reach the good endings. And it takes only 10 minutes to get the bad one.
Brave Meter is the only attribute you have to watch over during the exploration. It will vary and determine the amount of fear effects you may withstand. Lower Brave Meter also means you'll see more supernatural phenomena before your eyes.
You can use computer mouse to play this game (one-handed gameplay wise). Choice is yours. :)

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