iamhere (2142 Klejnoty)

your other games doesn't work D:

Zion (2609 Klejnoty)

great game ! very creepy !

Staff (1662 Klejnoty)

Quoted in the post about the indie horror games on the blog :

Fellowplayer Profile (1080 Klejnoty)

This has proved to be a popular game and well worth the $2 on steam, for the full gameplay check out the link: YouTube: Fellowplayer -

PlazaMista (1044 Klejnoty)

Very nice ! In only 3MB a spectacular game! Long life to the White face !!

Aircraft (587 Klejnoty)

it's a master piece of the indie horror game ! played also by pewdiepie !

unRoboto (935 Klejnoty)

no news about this game ? i find it a very original idea... !

Ryoku Profile (1671 Klejnoty)

A dir poco geniale! Non ho altro da aggiungere.

Arctic_Games (95 Klejnoty)

Great! <br />It\'s a really good game... <br />Rank 5/5