Halloween Knight 2 Halloween Knight 2
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RosySoft Profile (577 Klejnoty) 2017-03-24

fantastic,very classic

the ugly truth (2197 Klejnoty) 2017-03-14

The perfect​ retro design

iamhere (2476 Klejnoty) 2016-12-02

Nice work ! Are you developing something in html5 ?

Stre93 (2042 Klejnoty) 2016-11-03

a darkleo game style :D

Eugor (2639 Klejnoty) 2016-11-02

The enemies and buildings are really repetitive: I can see theres a few different styles of buildings and enemies, but when your playing and you have all this crazy stuff going on at once, everything begins to look the same.

Carir (1867 Klejnoty) 2016-10-31

Nice game darkleo ! I love all your games ! :) I played for the first time Mr. Skulla... and the I played all your games ! The stile is so classic and nice ! Like the #GBC games ! I hope to see new games made by you ! Please, don't stop to make it ! I hope also to see game in html5 (they are the future!) so I can play it also on my tablet ! Great work and follow always your passion !!

Darkleo (1337 Klejnoty) 2016-10-30
Alkatraz (942 Klejnoty) 2016-10-28

Good time to publish it :DDD

Cantex76 (697 Klejnoty) 2016-10-24

Easy but nice. The desing is classic platform. Not so original. But it's good for the retro players :)

doom13 Profile (356 Klejnoty) 2016-10-24

Ciao Darkleo, non so se sia voluto ma nella zona con due vie, qualsiasi via scelgo, mi riporta all'inizio, tutto normale?

xeryan (378 Klejnoty) 2016-10-24

Hi Darleo, would like to see this game on Game Maker Italia too!

Step (1481 Klejnoty) 2016-10-24

the description is in english... and the language italian... ? What's the language of the game ? I'm confused....

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