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Please note that I am updating the game at this time. Clicking the game links at this time will take you to the website with a black screen. Please wait for at least 1 hour after. Ill give you the all clear when it is ready.
The update for tonight is a preview of chapter 1 part 1.

Next demo for the game is on Sunday at 2 AM PST, but for those who follow my development on my website and Facebook, you will get something tonight at 11 PM PST.

For those who want to download the MAC and WNDOWS version of the demo [Does not include some of todays material
] MAC: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yx4fh1i80jn97kc/Freya%27s%20Beginning%20MAC%20VP05.zip?dl=0
WINDOWS: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7u97fdnqlrqxj62/Angel%20of%20Kindness%20FB%20V%20P.zip?dl=0
Make sure to extract the files before playing. Next downloadable demo is next Tuesday

Next update for the game is scheduled for Sunday at 2 AM PST

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