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6 Eyes Studio
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Freank Profile (Poziom 14) 2017-08-27
Great! You're already in the Popular Game list! :) Congratulations!
CapZero88 (Poziom 12) 2017-08-26
hey! This game is going very good! I'm playing it right now. Several downloads in few time! Congratulations! Are you promoting it on the social networks?
Zion (Poziom 12) 2017-08-26
amazing arts. Where I can find more of them? I saw on your website... but there aren't.
TheBigShow (Poziom 12) 2017-08-25
Played! Great game guys! Very customizable!
Karma (Poziom 13) 2017-08-25
is it a #kickstarter project?
Freank Profile (Poziom 14) 2017-08-25
I'm downloading it! it looks amazing
Fellowplayer Profile (Poziom 22) 2017-08-25
All I know is as a 3D Game Developer I could never match to this 2D artwork. I recommend you give this a try, there is certainly a lot of detail.
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