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Way of the Sinner is an #exclusive fast-paced 2D combat game with tons of action and violence. Test your skills in a multitude of challenging duels! Please read the README file included in the downloadable package. The current version does support only Xbox 360 and Xbox One Gamepad. For any problem ->
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VERSION added: - new enemy: tekko-kagi ninja. If the catches you, spam left-right direction to break free! - new autotarget mode that allows you to automatically turn to the nearest enemy, if none is in front. Look at the end of the README for more info - new stamina bar that shows how many times you can dodge. The old stamina dodge mechanic has been reworked...
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Way of the Sinner DEMO
Way of the Sinner DEMO
Way of the Sinner DEMO
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Devious (Level 1) 2020-03-30 things... ;D
PlanetNerdsTV2 (Level 1) 2019-10-09
Heyo! I made a little review of the game in case ya didnt know to check it out or not! Enjoy!

YouTube Gameplay
Zombikittie (Level 4) 2019-06-19
This made me miss playing fighting games. I love the art style and the music was a great touch. It's seems I still never use blocking/guarding as a means in any fighting game. I look forward to seeing the final game.

YouTube Gameplay
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