Tr-Zero (OE2) Tr-Zero (OE2) Fourdee4d
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Brim (Level 11) 2019-12-31
You are a legend, bro
Fellowplayer (Level 23) 2018-01-05
How is game getting along? Its been a while since I last played this.
Jonathan_Fish (Level 16) 2016-08-16
amazing race game made with rd rad ! one of the best !!! no news about it ?
Fourdee4d (Level 5) 2014-10-22
Its a complete remake in a new engine.
Some features i couldnt get into the 3drad version due to engine limiations, (eg: weapons/40 bikes etc) so the 3drad version was never \"complete\".
Marius (Level 14) 2014-10-06
is it a sequel or a remake ?
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