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The narrow passage

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Gepubliceerd op: 11/02/2023

Browser Game


The narrow passage is a game developed for "GameLoop Jam 03".
Head you ship through the narrow passage.
Use left and right arrows (or A/D) to head the ship; avoid the rocks and reach the sea. Press space to carry sail and receive a speed boost.
Taal: English  
The narrow passage
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ConanOB (Level 6) 2023-02-24
I don't undestand why so high rating. it is a very simple game. like a mobile game BUT it has always the same level, the same location, the same ship. No ships to unlock, no new levels, no new rivets to explore. a little bit boring after the first minutes
Yahoo (Level 12) 2023-02-12
Gesan (Level 10) 2023-02-12
Just watched in home page and played. Not bad not good. A minigame. It can be very good for the score system of indiexpo. Will you add it?
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