The Lone Chameleon The Lone Chameleon
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TyrionL (3607 Edelstenen) 2018-03-03

is it your only game? just on steam? Seriouslly?

iamhere (2502 Edelstenen) 2016-12-02

where is the online version ? D:

Step (1481 Edelstenen) 2016-09-24

I love when the developers use a tool beyound its limits :)

Reim (593 Edelstenen) 2016-08-27

Funny puzzle!

Jonathan Fish (7709 Edelstenen) 2016-08-14

Great puzzle game ! I used rpg maker and it's very nice to see new kind of game made with this tool. Even if with this charas I image a perfect platform game :D

MyTrain (1121 Edelstenen) 2016-08-06

Funny !!

Jack (858 Edelstenen) 2016-07-19

i like this full version :)

fats (2932 Edelstenen) 2016-07-14

Nice work !!

Aminomad Profile (156 Edelstenen) 2016-07-10

Game is now complete and added to download. If you're stuck, I posted a playthrough of all the 20 levels on youtube:

Aminomad Profile (156 Edelstenen) 2016-06-08

This is only a demo containing half of the game, the full game contains way more features that can be seen in the trailer: For starters, there is the ability of the two remaining characters plus some general features(moving pilars, swapping positions between two characters). They add more challenge to the game. Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

TheController (1334 Edelstenen) 2016-06-08

will you improve it ? i played it. it's nice but can be improved with new features.

ForeverGamer (336 Edelstenen) 2016-06-04

The draws are amazing ! gg

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