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Shoot em Up


The Book is a fast-paced, action-packed first-person shooter set in a world inhabited by pirates and supernatural creatures, featuring a rapid gameplay loop inspired by recent high-intensity action games. Craft powerful weapons mixing magic and retro technology as described in "The Book".
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The last change is quite important: I have reworked the physics of the grenade, simplifying it. Now, the grenade behaves more like a projectile than a grenade. In fact, the grenade is now shot by a weapon called the Vortex Catalyst and is no longer called a "grenade." The reason for this change is that players felt the grenade was 'janky' and, to elaborate further, difficult...
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The Book
The Book
The Book
The Book
The Book
The Book
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fats (Level 12) 2024-06-13
The stages are the best part of this game. The stages and all the "features" about the weapons. But I loved the stages. I wait to see new stages on the next version. Gg
Snyder (Level 5) 2024-05-08
lo stile un pò low poly, un pò cartoon devo dire che lo rende graficamente attraente. Le meccaniche richiamano poi i classici degli FPS. Mancano alcune modalità, come "cattura la bandiera", che coinvolgono molto. Ha uno stile steam punk comunque che lo rende davvero godibile. ottima l'idea del crafting
Best IndieGames (Level 18) 2024-05-04
This game is in the video about the Top 3 Best Indie Games – April 2024

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