Stolen To The Future

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Gepubliceerd op: 04/02/2019



Home is where belongings of others are! Play as a thief and take whatever you can find in a seemingly empty house. Beware of simple dangers that hide the way to a very peculiar treasure...
Made during #GGJ19 in Rome by Luca Salmin (code), Danjel Ricci (art), Flavia Kaiser (art) and Simone Cicinelli (music and sound).
Taal: English  
Stolen To The Future
Stolen To The Future
Stolen To The Future
Stolen To The Future
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JawsOP (Level 10) 2019-11-09
Too short
Astro_Boy (Level 6) 2019-03-10
too short. just one home. did you make other games like this?
Best IndieGames (Level 16) 2019-03-10
This game is in the video about the 2 Best FREE Games of February 2019

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