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Rpg Maker MV

This is online version of my project.Spellzone - Is a story about a middle-aged wizard, the schizophrenic Tallanar, who was asked to find a thief who stole some very specific magic and alchemic items to create the ultimate sorcerer. #exclusive
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Patch 1.1F - 03.10.2021 - Added preview of heroes skills - Autosave feature is now not tedious as before. - Lantern burn time extended by 57% - Added some more hints in game - Increased number of difficulty levels to six - Hud now is hiding in first hut when player picks items from shelf - Far more improved system of refilling lantern - Fixed bug with no music when...
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BBads (Level 11) 2020-07-16
oh, i remember this game! Are you continuing it?
Elesar (Level 2) 2020-01-07
The only thing that bothers me, judging on frequency of updates. I wish you release full version and I see it's RPG Maker MV, so about that time you should have a full version, unless you trying to make up with regular hob?
Jugolaz (Level 1) 2020-01-04
Keep up with good work, with each update game is better.
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